I only recommend gear that I have used. Elsewhere, you may find wish lists or lists of items needed for an activity but if I haven't used it I will not recommend it. So, look below for my recommendations. By following any of the product links on this page and purchasing the item you are supporting the operation of this website and I thank you very much.

OverBoard Waterproof Pro-Sport Backpack

OverBoard Waterproof Pro-Sport Backpack 20 Liter
This is a backpack that knows how to take downpours and submersion. After years of being disgusted at the design of my daily use backpack and those I saw everyone else using, namely poor water resistance, I found the OverBoard Pro-Sport. This is the 20-liter size which is perfect for a set of day-gear or a commuter hauling lunch and a laptop. I like it so much that I also have the 30-liter backpack for when the whole family needs a day-bag to keep gear dry. 

Paracord, 550 Pound, Made in The USA

Paracord 550 WNA-made line in woodland camp, 1000'I used nylon and natural lines for many years before I discovered Paracord by accident when a scout lent me some at a scout camp. Since then I've converted to it wherever I need static strength and subtlety. Paracord is not the answer to every situation, particularly when knots you tie need to remain tight while the line is slack since the outer layer shifts and will loosen knots over time. Paracord is available in a huge range of colors and lengths. Besides a static line, Paracord can be made in to countless useful items such as dog toys, watch bands, belts, chairs, and knife or phone holders

Coleman PerfectFlow Insta-Start Grill

Coleman PerfectFlow Insta-Start Grill
After years and years and years my traditional two burner, green Coleman propane stove finally started giving out, so it was time to get something new. I already had a small backpacking stove so I was really looking to replace the Coleman. After a lot of research and trying stoves other people had I settled on the Coleman PerfectFlow grill. There are two things I do not like about it: 1) it is larger than the original Coleman, 2) the feet are slippery (nothing duct tape didn't fix). There is a huge list of things I do like about it including 1) one side is a GRILL, 2) it gives plenty of BTUs, 3) it is really easy to clean.

HotHands Body And Hand Super Warmers

As a scout, when we were camping in winter I always carried hand warmers and they were never very good. They were small, too hot, and did not last very long. These hand warmers solved all three of those problems. These are large, just a little smaller than my hand, and they keep warm for a really long time, particularly in an oxygen-light environment like a glove. I recommend you ditch those small hand warmers like I did and start using these HotHands Super Warmers, you wont go back.