Donations fall into three categories:

  1. usable stuff
  2. usable stuff, just not by the troop
  3. junk

The key to receiving donations is to make sure you are realistic about what you can use and thus is worth keeping.

The key to making a good donation is to maximize #1 and just throw away #3 to save the charity the trouble.

YIS, Jeff

Mt St Helens Review

Here is brief rundown, see your local climber or groupie for color commentary.

  • No one from the troop made it to the summit this year, either day
  • Over Saturday night and Sunday it rained several inches, often in massive squalls that drenched everything; and it was very windy.
  • The lead group of Sunday climbers ascended approximately 1/3 of the way up the mountainous portion of the climb before turning back.
  • The Monday climbers made it 3/4 of the way up the mountainous portion before turning back

Overall it was a very, very difficult weekend to climb a mountain due entirely to the weather. Very few people from any climbing party reached the summit (around 5-10 per day that I talked with) out of 100 sold permits per day. The fact that everyone got up in the morning and went as far as they thought was reasonable is a prime example of "Doing Your Best"! Turning back from a mountain climb is ALWAYS the right decision, for whatever reason, and everyone showed good judgement this weekend.

Oh, one more thing, the whole group relied on this little NOAA radio to consider conditions and make decisions. I've recommended it in the past and I'll post it here again. There may be no other piece of gear that has paid-off like this one.

YIS, Jeff