Mt. St. Helens Gear List

Mt St Helens is not a typical hike, it is a mountain climb... and this year, the volcano is active! As such, gear for this activity is different than the typical hike. Here is a rundown:

Ten+ Essentials:
- Pocket Knife
- Hiker First Aid Kit (See Below)
- Extra Clothing (See Below)
- Flashlight & Extra Batteries
- Raingear
- Water (2-3 liters)
- Map & Compass [USGS or Green Trails map]
- Matches & Fire Starter
- Polarized Sunglasses with side protection
- Sun Screen
- Hat with visor
- Lip balm with SPF rating
- Trail Food (See Below)

Additional Gear:
- Climbing helmet or hard hat [eBay, McLendon's]
- Respirator Mask, N95 Type [McLendon's]
- A little toilet paper in a plastic bag (for packing it out)
- Swim Goggles
- Emergency blanket
- Signal mirror
- Whistle
- Leather work gloves
- Good, broken-in hiking boots
- Wool socks and liners
- Surveyor "tape"
- Gaiters
- Swimming Goggles

First Aid Kit:
- Allergy Medication
- Other Medication (enough for 2 days)
- Band-Aids
- Latex Gloves
- Antiseptic Ointment
- Hand Cleaner Gell or Wipes
- Triangular Bandage
- Adhesive Tape (Sports Tape)
- Gauze Pads and Gauze Roll

Extra Clothing:
- Light Jacket
- Extra Socks
- Extra Liners
- Extra Shirt (optional)

Unit Gear:
- Troop Flag
- GMRS Radios
- Rope

Other Optional Gear
- Camera
- Hiking Poles (lightweight!)
- Binoculars
- Lightweight pants
- Lunch

Trail Food Options:
- Power bars
- Trial Mix
- Gatorade/PowerAde
- Jerky

A Pack-And-Person inspection will occur at the trailhead. All gear must be accounted for to climb the mountain.

Here are links to the current version of some of the gear I take with me up the mountain. Gear on a mountain is really important since it weighs you down and may serve a lifesaving purpose. Do not buy cheap unless cheap is great quality.

YIS, Jeff

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