Heat Exhaustion

The hottest days of the year are passing by in Seattle and medics are constantly responding to heat related conditions. The most common heat condition is Heat Exhaustion. This is where your body overheats and your cooling system (sweating) is unable to keep up, causing your core temperature to rise.

On Saturday, I suffered from Heat Exhaustion. That was the day the high clouds wouldn't go away and trapped the muggy heat. I went hiking at poo poo point that morning (training for the mountain) and went to an outdoor wedding that afternoon. At around 7pm when I got home, I just did not feel right. I was fully hydrated (my pee was clear) but I was extremely hot, no matter where I went or what position I was in.

The solution was a small bag of ice, moving around my head and stomach. Over about 5 minutes I felt much more alert and comfortable.

The moral of the story... anyone can get heat exhaustion on a hot day. If your body is not feeling well, listen to it.

YIS, Jeff

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